David Booth, Founder & President

David Booth is the President and Executive Director of the Sex Law and Policy (SLAP) Center, an organization dedicated to dispelling the fear-driven mythology of sex offending, especially regarding the inherent gender and sexual minority biases. David has a decade of direct experience with the policy implications of the sex offender registry. He dedicated himself to uncovering who is on the registry and why, learning about the difficulties registrants face upon release from incarceration, and discovering just how easy it is to get listed on the registry for sexual wrongdoing. During this pursuit, David saw the lives upended over the punitive registration and notification regimes and earned a Master in Policy to position himself as an advocate for registry reforms. David believes our current approaches to prevent sexual wrongdoing are counterproductive. Instead, he thinks we ought to explore alternative avenues which seek to hold wrongdoers accountable and encourage empathy for those harmed and the harm doers. He founded the SLAP Center to educate about and advocate for reforms that promote community safety through the rehabilitation and accountability of registrants, not with boundless punitive regimes.

Alex Burnett, Summer Intern


Alex Burnett is a student, organizer, and writer hailing from Massachusetts. They are incredibly excited to be interning at the Sex Law and Policy Center this summer! A rising junior at Brown University, Alex studies Gender and Sexuality Studies and History with a focus on US-Latin American relations. Outside of class, Alex has been involved with sexual violence education, labor organizing, utility justice, prison abolition, and LGBTQ activism. They have worked with many organizations including Browns LGBTQ Center, The George Wiley Center, and In These Times magazine. They also love singing, musical theater, slam poetry, running, and reading. They are passionate about fighting carceral state regulation of sexuality--work they will continue to do with SLAP this summer.