Do you have a story you want to share about the registry? We are looking for people who are willing to share their experiences of life on the registry. While there may be times discussing your offense or trial experience will be appropriate, we are more concerned with the collateral consequences of being on the registry. We won't judge or exclude you based on your conviction (or lack thereof). This is a safe place to tell about how the registry has impacted your life. There is no judgement, only a willingness to listen to you. We applaud you taking this step.

Our goal is to catalog as many experiences and situations as possible about the registry and it's impact on people.

Maybe you are a registrant and have a story about how stable housing or employment is virtually impossible to locate and maintain. Perhaps you are a loved one of someone on the registry and want to share how your life has changed. Maybe you are a community supervision officer and want to discuss how you see registrants struggle with compliance. All of these experiences are important in their own way, and we are interested in all of them and more. 

It does not matter how you or a loved one came to be listed on the registry. The rules and regulations of the registry cause a lot of hardship and heartache. We want these stories, because hardly anyone knows how the registry impacts people. Your lives matter too, and we believe the world needs to hear them.

Please check the category or categories that describe the topic of your story, and then paste your story in below. While we would love for a multi-chapter book of the ways the registry affects your life, we ask you to limit your story to 2,000 words or less.

We support you taking this step to show the world you are a person too. Your story does not need to be a New York Times bestseller. Just use your unique voice and write.

P.S. If you are in Illinois, check out Illinois Voices and their storytelling too.