The below topics are brief fact sheets for advocates, policymakers, researchers, community members, and others that provide an overview of a specific topic related to the queer and trans community and/or sexual harm.  A wide variety of topics will be covered, including queer and trans criminalization and inclusive language. Stay tuned for additional factsheets as they are made available!


A Sex Offenses Primer for Queer & Trans Folk

Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) granted marriage equality for same-sex couples, but queer and trans people face a number of challenges in the struggle for full justice. Our ability to freely express our gender and sexual identities is still under attack across the country. This factsheet, from the Sex Law and Policy Center, outlines a number of ways queer and trans sexuality is made illegal.

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Destabilizing rape culture

Tough on crime responses to criminal behavior tends to rely on punishment alone. This approaches often fails to make our communities safer, expands the use of the prison industrial complex, and does more harm than good. But what if there were community-centered alternatives that don't rely on punishment? This factsheet, from the Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA), describes the differences between three approaches to criminal behavior – punitive, restorative, and transformative.

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A Language Guide: Trans & Gender diverse inclusion

Trans and gender diverse communities are disproportionately affected by prejudice-motivated discrimination and violence. The health and wellbeing outcomes of people with trans and gender diverse experience are directly related to transphobic stigma, prejudice, discrimination and abuse, including when incorrect language is used, often unknowingly. The factsheet, from ACON, explains key terms and offers examples of language that can help us build safer, more inclusive environments for trans and gender diverse communities.

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SORN Dictionary

There are a lot of misconceptions and beliefs about sexual harm and the people who've caused harm, which results in overblown emotional rhetoric. This dictionary defines a number of terms that are often used when discussing sex offender registration and notification policies so we can work towards a more rational understanding of our primary approach to addressing sexual harm.

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Federal SORN Policies

The last twenty-five years is a lasting testament to media sensationalism around sexual harm, especially at the federal level. During this time, increasingly stringent SORN (sex offender registration and notification) policies have been enacted to increase the punishment and supervision for people convicted for sex offenses. This interactive guide provides an understanding of major federal SORN legislation.

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