Three Cops Busted Having Sex With Opioid Thief In City Hall—Not Arrested, Not Even Fired

Three police officers were suspended without pay after their department learned that they were having sex while on city property—serving as a reminder that if the average citizens were caught having sex in city hall, they would have been arrested for lewd behavior while in public. But because police have one standard for themselves and another for the general public, the officers were given only a few days off without pay.

Investigators in Billings, Montana, were not looking to find their officers engaged in sex on city property, but while investigating the theft of drugs from the department’s evidence storage facility by a former employee, Rawlyn Strizich, the sex acts were discovered, presumably by video camera footage. The three male officers were seen having sex with Strizich who was fired in February for stealing oxycodone from the evidence storage facility.

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