My Turn: John R. Grasso: Destroying lives for childish mistakes

Quicksand. That’s what the Internet is for young people. It looks like solid ground but it isn’t. It blends into the surroundings as though it was always there but it wasn’t. The Internet has developed much quicker than our children’s adaptation to it. They have the technology figured out but they do not recognize the dangers. Their parents lag far behind while the police are in hot pursuit.

The Barrington Times reported the arrest of two teenagers, a boy and a girl. Both 14 years old. Police charged the boy with child pornography and the girl with sexting. If convicted, the boy will be a felon and a registered sex offender — everlasting consequences that I suspect this boy was unaware of when he allegedly decided to use cyberspace to pass around sexually explicit photographs of a girl his same age to other kids his age. I suspect the girl was just as clueless about the illegality when she sent sexually explicit selfies.

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