Kentucky Overturns their Social Media Ban

Another social media ban for people on the registry has been struck down. On Friday, a federal court judge in Kentucky ruled two parts of its SORN scheme unconstitutional - the social media ban and the requirement to register Internet identifiers. This ruling builds on the Packingham decision from earlier this summer and several other state's rulings on these bans. The Lexington Herald Leader reports: 

Kentucky’s registered sex offenders have the constitutional right to use Facebook, Twitter and other online social media, a federal judge ruled Friday.

Ruling in a lawsuit brought by a Lexington child pornography defendant identified only as “John Doe,” U.S. District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove struck down Kentucky’s sweeping restrictions on internet access for registered sex offenders.

“This is a very important decision,” said Scott White, a Lexington attorney who represented Doe. “The laws effectively deprived anyone on the sex offender registry of access to the most effective forms of communication that we have today. It was a complete suppression of speech.”

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