Sex Law and Policy (SLAP) Center is dedicated to radically shifting the over reliance on punishment-expanding efforts to end sexual harm, especially for gender and sexual minorities, to community-centered approaches through education, advocacy, and research. Our overarching goal is to advance effective, evidence-based policies and practices for addressing sexual harm that reduces gender and sexual minority biases, strengthens communities, protects civil liberties, and restores dignity to impacted people. We achieve that goal by providing technical assistance on transformative and restorative approaches to preventing and responding to sexual harm and by providing programming to support and build the capacity of people impacted by sexual harm.


What is the purpose of SLAP Center's website?

This website is a tool to aid our community in developing restorative and transformative practices for addressing sexual harm instead of promoting punitive approaches that fails to encourage accountability and healing and disregards civil liberties. The resources on this website supports community efforts to educate about and share information on the ways in which gender and sexual minorities are impacted by sexual harm. We provide news analyses, fact sheets, webinars, and guides on issues related to sexual harm to further a more rational, compassionate, and community-centered approach.

Sexual harm affects every demographic but queer and trans folk are especially vulnerable. As a community, queer and trans folk face higher rates of stigmatization and marginalization, which puts us at greater risk for experiencing sexual harm. Moreover, the ways in which society criminalizes our gender and sexual expression can lead to justice-involvement and a lifetime of collateral consequences stemming from a criminal record. Even with the rise of the #metoo movement, there has been little attention drawn to how sexual harm affects queer and trans folk or our unique needs for preventing and responding to it. SLAP Center works with the queer and trans community who have experienced and/or caused sexual harm so we can work towards accessible, holistic, affirming, and multidisciplinary solutions that advance healing and accountability.

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Who does SLAP Center serve?